When planning to see an escort, it’s highly important that you ask about etiquette. Each escort will have certain do’s and don’ts so you need to learn more about them prior to your visit. Below are some of the things to bear in mind prior to the encounter.

Be respectful

Being respectful in E-mails and over the phone is very important. A nice E-mail that says more than “35 male, 5.9 feet, attractive, would like to meet up on Saturday at 2” can go a long way. Be polite, introduce yourself and try to act as if you’d meet a girl you like for a first date. Keep in mind that she needs to know more about you prior to deciding she wants to meet up with you or not.

Check out her website

Read her website to know where she usually wants clients to leave the donation. If there’s an etiquette page there, read that as well. Doing so will benefit the both of you.

Always call from the car

If you need directions or need to call and talk to her about the encounter, always do so from your car. Do not call from the hotel or lobby or anywhere else someone can overhear you. Since most escorts want to maintain discretion, doing so will not be a good idea.