If you like our agency and would like to join us, then we’re very happy to receive your application. Working together is something that’s going to be appreciated by both parties and therefore we want to make sure you meet certain standards before you can join the team. Since we focus on customer satisfaction, we need girls who are first and foremost outgoing, have a flirtatious personality, and aren’t afraid to take matters in their own hands as long as it is appreciated by the client. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and this is something we can never afford to fail meeting.

You should also be pretty, have an attractive body, excellent hygiene and social skills. You will be in the company of gentlemen, with many of them being businessmen who are very refined and want nothing but the best. Because of that, you need to know how to be a great travel companion, a great listener, and a sensual lover as well. We want to work with you if you’re punctual and love to please.

After all, this is very important for our agency and it’s the foundation of building a long lasting relationship with the client that is based on respect and trust. If you think you have all these qualities and more, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • We rigorously screen new customers as you can see on our web site.  We will kill calls if we do not feel comfortable sending you to them or if we feel like there is too much business risk involved.
  • Customers have spoken and now more than ever want to see real pics which means if you are going to be listed on our web site your pics will need to be cropped or blurred as we are not going to sacrifice our reputation in the marketplace by publishing bait and switch pics
  • Please do not fill out the form below and then pushback on the agency payout of 50% as that goes towards listing your profile on the top site in Google, booking fees, screening, additional advertising costs and industry training and tips from the female operator and owner who have several years of experience.  Any argument over the service payout after the fact comes off as unprofessional and you will not be welcome to work with us.

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